Vision / Mission / Values


We are the Trusted and preferred contractor in our markets, known for our Responsible work practices and delivering on our Commitments to customers, employees and the environment.


Utilize our team of professionals and family values to deliver best in class services across our core competencies of energy related construction, utilities, and instrumentation and electrical.


• Honesty and Integrity

o Conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism

o Make and meet our commitments for quality, schedule, and budget

o Deliver to the highest standard of work quality and craftsmanship

o Do the right things right


• Professionalism

o Listen and respond to our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders

o Exceed customer expectations

o Deliver to commitments

o Make it easy to work with us


• Safety

o Maintain a safe, clean, and injury free work place at all job sites

o Look out for each other and make safety an integral part of everything we do


• Innovate and Improve


o Embrace change and challenge the status quo

o Set challenging goals

o Constructively confront and solve problems

o Take responsibility

o Learn from both successes and mistakes

o Ask for help


• Great Place to Work


o Be open and direct

o Challenge each other and have fun

o Recognize and reward accomplishments

o Manage performance fairly and firmly

o Be an asset to our communities



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